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Snape Primary School

What makes us special?

Here we are having LEARNING FUN.
‚ÄčAt Snape we can have lots of learning adventures together because we get a chance to work with lots of different adults in small groups learning about things we've chosen to learn about.....you can't get that in a big school you see.

We are a happy school and believe that everybody (children and adults alike) should enjoy every day of precious living and learning together.We enable our children to make links with their learning and so we usually have themes to follow. You should be able to see our themes when you step into our classrooms. We also know that we all like learning about different things and that exciting things happen in our village, local community and our world too. They might be different to what we have planned but we aim to follow our curiosity so we might drop everything and go for a walk or change our learning direction.

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